Don, is a follower of Jesus, a family man, and a small church pastor with a heart to equip other small church pastors.  Don’s experience in ministry has taken him to rural Texas churches, metropolitan downtown churches, wood-hut churches in the Philippines and Panama, and many places in between.  During his travels and experiences, Don began to see the great lack of material out there to equip the specific needs of small church leaders.  Truly equipping the called rather than hiring someone outside your church, innovating in times of need, and leveraging the advantages of a small church to see the Kingdom grow.  As a pastor, Don is a practitioner of these and other lessons, not just a philosopher.  No single pastor has all the answers, so it’s time they began sharing what lessons they do have with others.

Small Church

90% of pastors will never lead more than 100 people, yet most pastoral conferences seem to be full of pastors with churches that reach several thousand, telling these small church pastors how they should grow their churches. Not to take anything away from these great ministries, but perhaps, growth isn’t the only metric for success or even a metric of success at all. Small church leaders need to learn how to succeed in their context from other small church leaders. This is Don’s passion and calling, to help small churches do big things.

Leadership Training

Don has been blessed enough to be mentored by Godly men. From military officers, self-made millionaires, and pastors that have thrived in ministry for over 50 years. The lessons of leadership that these men have passed on to Don are the lessons that have allowed him to succeed as a leader in ministry. Leaders can be made, and it’s the benefit of all churches to have their pastors be strong leaders.

Event Speaking

Don, is a dynamic speaker that uses a unique approach of humor and Biblical insight to inspire seekers and inspire new believers, mature believers, and everyone in between.

He impresses me with his genuine Christ-commitment, his knowledge of many aspects of life, and his effectiveness in Kingdom service.

As one who has notched more than sixty years in Biblical ministry, I thank our dear Lord He continues to raise up young men and women who are having a positive impact on our world.

Effectiveness in Kingdom Service Charles W.

Growing up in church, I often listen to a sermon and can usually feel like I know where it’s headed. With Don, he has the ability to both teach the lesson as if for the first time while simultaneously adding points that a long-time Christian might not have considered before. Because of that, he’s very engaging no matter where you are in your faith. I always enjoy listening to him teach and preach, especially when he adds a Star Wars reference or two to emphasize his point. Highly recommend him for your group!!

Engaging No Matter Where You Are In Faith Blake H.

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